Change into negative:


1-I shall go to Alexandria.

    I shall not go to Alexandria.

2-He can make tea.

    He can not make tea.

3-They had won the match.

    They had not won the match.

4-I know this.

    I donít know this.

5-She feeds her children.

    She does not feed her children.

6-He sold the gold ring.

    He did not sell the gold ring.

7-I saw some birds on the tree.

    I did not see any birds on the tree.

8-Someone has made a noise.

    No one has made a noise.

9-He bought something at the shop.

    He did not buy anything at the shop.

10-I think somebody is there.

      I donít think anybody is there.

11-She found the lost child somewhere.

      She did not find the lost child anywhere.

12-He always comes to school late.

      He never comes to school late.

13-I sometimes visit him.

      I never visit him.

14-Some day you will be wise.

      You will never be wise.

15-Both Adel and Samy are ill.

      Neither Adel nor Samy is ill.

16-The man is either a singer or a musician.

      The man is neither a singer nor a musician.

17-All pupils were at school.

      Not all pupils were at school.

18-Every soldier was given a reward.

      Not every soldier was given a reward.

19-The doctor visited each patient.

      The doctor visited no patient.

20-She has got a prize too.

      She has not got a prize either.

21-I bought a pair of shoes also.

      I did not buy a pair of shoes either.

22-He read many books, and so did I.

      He did not read many books, and neither did I.

23-I went to the cinema and saw the film.

      I did not go the cinema or see the film.

24-She sang and he played the piano.

      She did not sing and he did not play the piano.

25-They used to get up early.

     They used not to get up early.