Direct and Indirect Speech


* Change into Indirect Speech :


1-He said, “I have no money with me now.”

    He said that he had no money with him then.

2-The boy said to his friend, “We must hurry or we shall miss the train.”

    The boy told his friend that they had to hurry or they would miss the train.

3-The young man said, “I am so fond of tennis that I play it everyday.”

    The young man said that he was so fond of tennis that he played it everyday.

4-The guide said to the traveller, “We have lost our way.”

    The guide told the traveller that they had lost their way.

5-He said, “I went to the theatre yesterday to see the new play.”

    He said that he had gone to the theatre the day before to see the new play.

6-My friend said to me, “I came here for a rest, but I have been very busy.”

    My friend told me that he had come there for a rest but he had been very busy.

7-The teacher said to the boys, “When I am speaking, you must be silent.”

    The teacher told the boys that when he was speaking, they had to be silent.

8-The porter said, “The train for Alexandria will be late today.”

    The porter said that the train for Alexandria would be late that day.

9-I said to him, “There is no room for you in this house.”

    I told him that there was no room for him in that house.

10-She said, “Nothing in my life has affected me more than the events of today.”

      She said that nothing in her life had affected her more than the events of that day.

11-The man said, “I am guilty. I deserve this punishment.”

      The man said that he was guilty and that he deserved that punishment.

12-The boy said, “I lost my bag last night. It was given to me a long time ago.”

      The boy said that he had lost his bag the night before and that it had been

      given to him a long time before.

13-The pupil said to the teacher, “I have lost my book. I shall buy another one.”

      The pupil told the teacher that he had lost his book and that he would buy

      another one.

14-They said to me, “We know whom you are looking for. You will find

      him in the garden.”

      They told me that they knew whom I was looking for and that I would find

      him in the garden.

15-The guide said to the tourists, “The carriage is ready. You will have to

      get back before the clock strikes six.”

      The guide told the tourists that the carriage was ready and that they would

      would have to get back before the clock struck six.