Direct and Indirect Speech


* Change into Indirect Speech :


1-My brother said to me, “Can you lend me a pound ?”

    My brother asked me if I could lend him a pound.

2-The tourist said to the guide, “Is this the road to Suez ?”

    The tourist asked the guide if that was the road to Suez.

3-The traveller said to me, “Do you speak French ?”

    The traveller asked me if I spoke French.

4-I said to him, “How much did you pay for your bicycle ?”

    I asked him how much he had paid for his bicycle.

5-The old lady said to the beggar, “What do you want now ?”

    The old lady asked the beggar what he wanted then.

6-She said to me, “How long will you stay in this town ?”

    She asked me how long I would stay in that town.

7-My friend said to me, “Where did you buy these books ?”

    My friend asked me where I had bought those books.

8-I said to Nabil, “Are you sure he will come ?”

    I asked Nabil if he was sure he would come.

9-My father said to me, “Why are you always neglecting your work ?”

    My father asked me why I was always neglecting my work.

10-She said to me, “When do you expect to arrive in London ?”

      She asked me when I expected to arrive in London.

11-I said to the man, “Does this bird sing sweetly ? Where does it come from ?”

      I asked the man if that bird sang sweetly and where it came from.

12-The father said to his son, “Where are you going ? Have you spent all your

      money ?”

      The father asked his son where he was going and if he had spent all his money.

13-The child said to his grandfather, “How old are you? Why is your hair grey?”

      The child asked his grandfather how old he was and why his hair was grey.

14-The teacher said to the pupil, “Why are you so late ? Where have you been ?”

      The teacher asked the pupil why he was so late and where he had been.

15-The boy said to the beggar, “Why do you walk so slowly? Are you lame?”

      The boy asked the beggar why he walked so slowly and if he was lame.