Direct and Indirect Speech


* Change into Indirect Speech :


1-He says, “We are late.”

    He says that they are late.

2-She said, “I am very happy today.”

    She said that she was very happy that day.

3-I said to the boy, “You are neglecting your work.”

    I told the boy that he was neglecting his work.

4-The teacher said to us, “The Earth is round.”

    The teacher told us that the Earth is round.

5-Marwa said to me, “I went to the cinema yesterday.”

    Marwa told me that she had gone to the cinema the day before.

6-He says, “Is the weather fine today.”

    He asks if the weather is fine today.

7-The boy said to his father, “Where shall we go tomorrow morning.”

    The boy asked his father where they would go the following morning.

8-The policeman said to the man, “You must go back.”

    The policeman told the man that he had to go back.

9-I said to him, “Go away.”

    I told him to go away.

10-He said, “Yes, I shall go with you.”

      He agreed to go with me.

11-“Do not shout in class,” said the teacher to the boys.

      The teacher told the boys not to shout in class.

12-He said to me, “Good night.”

      He wished me good night.

13-Rana said to Maha, “Thank you very much.”

      Rana thanked Maha very much.

14-We said to them, “ You have to double your effort if you wish to succeed.”

      We told them that they had to double their effort if they wished to succeed.

15-The boy said, “I am guilty. I deserve this punishment.”

      The boy said that he was guilty and that he deserved that punishment.

16-The teacher said to the pupils, “When I am speaking, you must be silent.”

      The teacher told the pupils that when he was speaking, they had to be silent.

17-She said, “I went to the cinema yesterday to see the new film.”

      She said that she had gone to the cinema the day before to see the new film.

18-I said to my friend, “What are you doing ?”

      I asked my friend what he was doing.

19-He said to me, “Do you play football ?”

      He asked me if I played football.

20-I said to him, “Did you go to the circus last night ?”

      I asked him if he had gone to the circus the night before.