Direct and Indirect Speech


* Change into Indirect Speech :


1-Hassan said to the servant, “Get out of the room.”

    Hassan ordered the servant to get out of the room.

2-I said to him, “Please, stay until I return.”

    I begged him to stay until I returned.

3-The boy said to his young sister, “Listen to me.”

    The boy told his young sister to listen to him.

4-I said to them, “Do not be so afraid.”

    I advised them not to be so afraid.

5-He said to me, “Please, lend me five pounds.”

    He begged me to lend him five pounds.

6-My friend said to me, “Be sure that we shall meet again.”

    My friend asked me to be sure that we would meet again.

7-The teacher said to the boy, “Show me the work you have done.”

    The teacher told the boy to show him the work he had done.

8-The officer said to the men, “Fire, when I give the word.”

    The officer ordered the men to fire when he gave the word.

9-The stranger said to the passer-by, “Tell me the best way to Heliopolis.”

    The stranger asked the passer-by to tell him the best way to Heliopolis.

10-The father said to his son, “ Do not forget to post the letter.”

      The father told his son not to forget to post the letter.

11-The master said to the servant, “Close the door quietly. Do not make such a noise.”

      The master ordered the servant to close the door quietly and not to make

      such a noise.

12-He said to his soldiers, “Attack the camp. Do not be afraid of the enemy.”

      He ordered his soldiers to attack the camp and not to be afraid of the enemy.

13-I said to the clerk, “Write it carefully. Do not make any mistakes.”

      I told the clerk to write it carefully and not to make any mistakes.

14-The wounded man said to me, “Please, give me some water. Call me a doctor.”

      The wounded man begged me to give him some water and to call him a doctor.

15-The speaker said to the people, “Fear not the power of the great. Rely on your

      own strength.”

      The speaker advised the people not to fear the power of the great and to rely

      on their own strength.