Asking questions

* Ask questions to which the words in black type may be answers:


1-The soldiers came into the town.

    Who came into the town ?

2-I saw a pretty girl in the garden.

    Whom did you see in the garden ?

3-The bird is on the tree.

    What is on the tree ?

4-We must avoid bad habits.

    What must we avoid ?

5-This is my sister’s book.

    Whose book is this ?

6-Hoda is more beautiful than Samira.

    Which girl is more beautiful, Hoda or Samira ?

7-She was in the sitting room.

    Where was she ?

8-I take my breakfast at eight o’clock.

    When do you take your breakfast ?

9-They hated him because he was proud.

    Why did they hate him ?

10-He went to the zoo to see the lion.

      Why did he go to the zoo ?

11-They broke the door with an axe.

      How did they break the door ?

12-The sun went down slowly.

      How did the sun go down ?

13-He has two cars.

      How many cars has he ?

14-My new suit cost me twenty pounds.

      How much did your new suit cost you ?

15-The moon is 240,000 miles from the Earth.

      How far is the moon from the Earth ?

16-The astronauts stayed on the moon for thirty three hours.

      How long did the astronauts stay on the moon ?

17-The bridge is six hundred feet long.

      How long is the bridge ?

18-She is five feet tall.

      How tall is she ?

19-The building is fifty metres high.

      How high is the building ?

20-The river is thirty feet deep.

      How deep is the river ?

21-The room is six metres wide.

      How wide is the room ?

22-The spacecraft weighs fifty tons.

      How heavy is the spacecraft ?

23-He is sixty years old.

      How old is he ?

24-The train can go at the speed of eighty miles per hour.

    How fast can the train go ?

25-I go to the club once a week.

      How often do you go to the club ?