The Present Continuous Tense

* Formation  : (am / is / are) + (-ing) form of the verb.

* Usage    : An action that is continuing at the moment of speaking.

                   An action in the near future.

* Words used with the tense : now - at this moment at present etc.

N.B. Certain verbs are not used in the continuous tenses. Here is a list of them:

have, be (except in passive voice), see, hear, smell, taste, notice, recognize, remember, recollect,  forget, know, understand, fear, believe, feel (that), think (that), want, wish, desire, refuse,  forgive, hope, care, love, hate, (dis)like, seem, appear, contain, consist of, possess, belong, own.


* Put in the correct Present Tense of the given verbs:

1-She (go) to school every day.

 *She goes to school every day.

2-We now (learn) English.

 *We are learning English now.

3-At the moment, I (sit) on a chair and (eat) a banana.

 *At the moment, I am sitting on a chair and eating a banana.

4-Bad students never (work) hard.

 *Bad students never work hard.

5-It (rain) in winter. It (rain) now.

 *It rains in winter. It is raining now.

6-I (wake up) at seven and (have) breakfast at half past.

 *I wake up at seven and have breakfast ant half past.

7-I (leave) for London tomorrow.

 *I am leaving for London tomorrow.

8-He (feel) a very sharp pain now.

 *He feels a very sharp pain now.

9-He generally (sing) in English but today he (sing)  in French.

 *He generally sings in English but today he is singing in French.