Passive and Active Voice

        Change into Passive Voice:


1-The butcher sells meat.

    Meat is sold by the butcher.

2-The hungry man ate all the food.

    All the food was eaten by the hungry man.

3-I shall tell the truth.

    The truth will be told by me.

4-We must avoid bad habits.

    Bad habits must be avoided by us.

5-She could speak English and French.

    English and French could be spoken by her.

6-The soldier is polishing the guns.

    The guns are being polished by the soldier.

7-The girl was drawing a nice picture.

    A nice picture was being drawn by the girl.

8-The cats have drunk the milk.

    The milk has been drunk by the cats.

9-They had won the match.

    The match had been won by them.

10-The gardener is cutting the grass.

      The grass is being cut by the gardener.

11-The wind shook the branches of the tree.

      The branches of the tree were shaken by the wind.

12-We have not yet finished the exercise.

      The exercise has not yet been finished by us.

13-The boys do not understand the lesson.

      The lesson is not understood by the boys.

14-The merchant will sell the goods tomorrow.

      The goods will be sold by the merchant tomorrow.

15-She had sent a letter to her brother last month.

      A letter had been sent to her brother last month.

      Her brother had been sent a letter by her last month.

16-He was playing tennis when he fell down.

      Tennis was being played by him when he fell down.

17-My aunt has given me a gold ring.

      A gold ring has been given to me by my aunt.

      I have been given a gold ring by my aunt.

18-Everybody desires happiness.

      Happiness is desired by everybody.

19-The guide will show us the way.

      The way will be shown to us by the guide.

      We will be shown the way by the guide.

20-I am answering the questions now.

      The questions are being answered by me now.

21-The girl could not hear the sound.

      The sound could not be heard by the girl.

22-You may see a nice film on the television.

      A nice film may be seen by you on the television.

23-Plants need sunlight and water.

      Sunlight and water are needed by plants.

24-Some scientists have examined blood.

      Blood has been examined by some scientists.

25-The servant did not lock the door.

      The door was not locked by the servant.

26-Careless pupils do not learn their lessons well.

      The lessons are not learnt well by careless pupils.

27-The teacher will give good marks to the good pupils.

      The good pupils will be given good marks by the teacher.

      Good marks will be given to the good pupils by the teacher.

28-He has to pay the fine.

      The fine has to be paid by him.

29-I do not treat animals cruelly.

      Animals are not treated cruelly by me.

30-They had to obey the orders.

      The orders had to be obeyed by them.