About Me

Name: Ayman El-Gammal.

Job: Senior Teacher of English.

Marital Status: Married.

Qualification: Bachelor of Arts English Department.                  

From the Faculty of Arts .

Cairo University.

                        A diploma for one year in Computer Science.

                        ICDL Certificate.

                        TOEFL (iBT), 2009.


The computer and the Internet. I have been studying the computer and the Internet for a long time. I have been studying the computer since 1999. I have completed a high standard specialized study in computer science for one year at The British Center for Languages and Computer in Suez. My study of Computer Science has helped me a lot in my work. I think that a teacher can't do without the computer. I have my own Website and my own Educational Records.

Place of residence: Suez. Egypt.

My work abroad:

* I worked in the United Arab Emirates for three years from 1989 to 1992 as a teacher of English at Seif El-Dawlah Secondary School in Fujairah. I really enjoyed those three years. I also worked in Qatar as a teacher of English and Coordinator at Abdullah bin Ali Al-Misnad Preparatory and Secondary School. I have liked Qatar and all the people there.

Managing The Classroom:

-I speak the language as fluently as a native speaker. My students say my lesson is enjoyable and never boring. I have a good control over my class and my students like me at the same time. My students are active participants in class. They listen, read, speak and write the language, with me encouraging, helping and guiding them. Not only do I teach secondary students, but I have also taught at language centres for employees and other grown-up people who are interested in learning English. I have never failed an interview for getting a job.

Teaching Grammar:

-I believe that learners can't do without grammar. However, it should be taught implicitly, not explicitly. I always concentrate on the use of grammar rather than the form. Students should be convinced that Grammar is useful and applicable. They should know that there is difference between "He closed the door." and "He has closed the door." Once we get them interested in the use of Grammar, we can go ahead teaching it successfully.


E-mail : ayman_el_gammal@yahoo.com


Website: www.aymanelgammal.net


Mobile:    (Egypt: 002) 01095550937


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