Exam: 20



Ministry of Education

General Secondary Education Certificate Examination, 2017

[First Session]

                                                                                  First Foreign Language: English (1)                  Time: 3 hours


1- Respond to each of the following situations:                                      (4 marks)

1. Your friend feels bored. Suggest something to entertain him/her.

2. You forgot to thank your mother for a present she gave you. Express your regret.

3. Your aunt asks you how you prefer your tea.

4. Your teacher asks why you want to join the football competition.


2- Mention the place, the speakers and the language function in each of the following mini-dialogues:                                                                                      marks)



1. A: I want this skirt to be lengthened.

    B: How many centimeters?

    A: Five, please.


Place               : ………………….

Speaker A      : …………...……..

Speaker B      : ………………….

Function of A: ………………….




2. A: Sorry, I can’t get up early.

So I come late for the first lesson.

    B: You should sleep earlier.




Place               : ………………….

Speaker A      : …………...……..

Speaker B      : ………………….

Function of B: ………………….


3- Choose the correct answer from a. b. c or d:                                     (8 marks)

1- What ........... you to change your mind?

a) caused                         ‏b) makes                    e) does                       d) caught

2- By 2020, new well-paid jobs ........... available in Egypt.

a) will be                          b) had been                c) will have been      d) were being

3- I wouldn’t like ........... given instructions.

a) to be                             b) being                      c) has been                d) had been

4- I really ………… to people using mobile phones while driving.

a) object                           b) refuse                    c) disapprove            d) hate

5- The factory is in the ........... of moving to new offices.

a) profession                   b) operation              c) process                  d) procession

6- Yesterday I played a long game of tennis with my brother ........... made me very tired.

a) who                              b) whose                    c) which                     d) when

7- Exams are stressful, so students fell under ...........

a) petition                        b) preservation         c) pleasure                 d) pressure

8- In ........... , everyone has to pay tax.

a) threaten                       b) threat                     c) theory                    d) therapy

9- Companies ask ........... to enclose CVs with their forms.

a) employers                   b) managers               c) applicants             d) interviewers

10- ........... studying medicine is complicated, many students are eager to join the faculty of medicine.

a) Despite                        b) However               c) Because of            d) Although

11- Every citizen has to do his best to help overcome economic ...........

a) depression                  b) impression            c) division                 d) expression

12- Retirement ........... be an unhappy event.

a) need                             b) ought                     c) shouldn’t               d) mustn’t

13- In Egypt the beginning of spring is........... by trees flowering.

a) remarked                     b) examined              c) checked                 d) marked

14- Classics ........... the study of ancient Greek and Roman.

a) are                                b) am                          c) is                             d) has

15- Can you tell me what ........... about his experience?

a) did his colleagues think                                b) his colleagues think                    

c) do his colleagues think                                 d) his colleagues are thought

16- He left his glasses at school yesterday. I’m hoping someone ........... found them.

a) must have                    b) might have            c) can’t have             d) can have



4- Find the mistake in each of the following sentences, then write them correctly:                                                  (6 marks)

1- It took me a long time solving this problem.

2- Who is going to invite to your birthday party?

3- I wish I don’t listen to them. They only made me angry.

4- My sister is making a research on animals.

5- They used a massive drilling machine for funneling under the Nile.

6- He was sentenced to death because of high treasure.

7- The mail to a remote place do not arrive in time.

8- One of the sparks on the back wheel was broken in the accident.



5- Read the following passage, then answer the questions:                       (4 marks)

The techniques employed by science fiction writers are meant to draw the reader into a world where extraordinary events can occur and unexpected scenarios draw a striking comparison to events which mirror our everyday, real life experiences. So, good science fiction needs to stay within the limits of what may one day happen. At the same time, science fiction writers’ needs to stay away from the genre of fantasy paint a scenario which will never occur.

Readers of science fiction expect to be exposed to a world different from our own, but in which certain physical rules and laws still apply. In addition, any plot as part of science fiction novel or story needs to mirror events which are familiar to many of us which may include the universal ideas of hope and loss. Association with real-life events helps the author maintain the suspension of disbelief without which, a science fiction story becomes unrealistic and in fact an insult to the science fiction community.


A- Answer the following questions:

1- What do science fiction writers aim at?

2- Give a suitable title to the passage.

3- What does the underlined word ‘which’ refer to?


B- Choose the correct answer from a, b, c or d:

4- According to the passage, readers of science fiction ........... .

a) are liable to the same world as ours

b) are subjected to local ideas of hope and loss

c) experience a different world from ours

d) always face applicable rules

5- The plot in science fiction story ........... .

 a) reflects familiar events to many of us

 b) blocks strange events to us

 c) employs an insult to the society     

 d) is always unrealistic 


6- Read the following passage, the, answer the questions:                   (4 marks)

Ramy hadn’t been to a public library before. He was afraid of disturbing the instructions readers with heavy shoes. The shelves were filled with books, volumes, dictionaries, encyclopedias and atlases. He found nothing that was likely to interest him, until he came to a small section of photography, which was one of his hobbies. The books in this section were on a high shelf, so he had to fetch a small ladder to get one down. As he was climbing down the ladder, the book slipped from his grasp and fell down with a loud crash. Twenty eyes looked up at him annoyed by this unaccustomed disturbance. Ramy felt himself go red as he picked up his book, which didn’t seem to have been damaged by its fall. The assistant librarian came up to him and said in a kind tone, “Well, never mind. But make sure that you don’t disturb the other readers again.”

A. Answer the following questions:

1- Why did Ramy have to use the ladder ?

2- What made the people in the library disturbed ?

3- Is reading an interesting hobby? Why? Why not ?


B. Choose the correct answer from a, b, c or d:

4- There were about ........... people in the library.

a) five                               b) ten                                      c) forty                                   d) twenty

5- The assistant librarian was ........... .

a)      rough                          b) polite                                 e) stiff                                    d) talkative



7- The Novel (9 marks)

A- Answer the following questions:                                                                 (4 marks)

1-     For what reason does Fritz advise Rassendyll not to ride through the old town alone?

2-     Although Michael knows that Rassendyll is not the real king, he can’t reveal that to the people. Why?

3-     What changes have happened to Rassendyll on acting the role of the king?

4-     Rupert makes an evil plan to betray Michael. Discuss.

B- Read the following quotation, then answer the questions:                    (3 marks)

“It seems you’ve tricked me.”

1- Who said this to whom?

2- What trick was the speaker thought to play?

3- For what reason did he do that?

C. Find the mistake in each sentence and correct it:                                  (2 marks)

1- It is Rassendyll’s idea to pretend to be the king for the coronation.
2- Antoinette de Mauban is well-known for her wealth and emotion.
3- If Michael’s men killed the king, the weight of the chains would make his body float.



8- Write a paragraph of about 100 words about:                                      (6 marks)

"Fast food is something most people like but ……"

"Using public transport"



A- Translate into Arabic:                                                                             (3 marks)

Sports reinforce morals and values vital to society, like honesty and teamwork. In teamwork, an individual never says “I did so”. Teamwork makes us succeed by focusing on the group’s glory. 

R- Translate into English:                                                                             (2 marks)

·        من أهم الأهداف التى تسعى الحكومة لتحقيقها تطوير التعليم.

·        كى تتمتع بالحرية، يجب أن تحترم حرية الأخرين.

·        على الشباب أن يتسلح بالعمل والتكنولوجيا كى يصلوا إلى أهدافهم.




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