Important Paragraphs for 2nd Term

1- An email to your friend Maher/Maya about an exciting film that you have seen. Say what happened at the end, and what happened before that.

Dear Maya/Maher,

    How are you? I would really like to tell you about a very exciting film that I have recently seen. I think you might have heard about it. Its Gullivers Travels. It shows some adventures of a doctor who had to go to sea to work. He had some exciting adventures in a country called Lilliput where the people were only 15 centimetres tall. After that, he had more exciting adventures in another country called Brobdingnag where the people were 18 metres tall. In the end, he went back to England to live with his own family once more. Its a film for both children and adults.

    Could you tell me about a good film you have recently seen ?

                                      Yours sincerely,



2- A list of warnings for young people who are learning about road safety.

Here is a list of warnings to young people about road safety:

* Never cross the road before you look both ways to make sure that no cars are coming.

* You should never use your mobile phone while you are walking or driving.

* You should always use the pavement for walking.

* Use the pedestrian crossing when you cross the street.

* Dont exceed the speed limit while you are driving.

* You ought to  pay attention to all traffic signs around you.

* Before you drive your car, make sure that the tyres and brakes are in a good condition.

* You must wear the seat belt to be safe.

* You should take your time and never put yourself at risk.


3- An email to your English friend Harry/Harriet about what they can do to help stop global warming.

Dear Harry/Harriet ,

    How are you? I would really like to tell you about global warming and what we should do to stop it. It is a serious problem and causes a lot of damage to the whole world. Some people are obliged to leave their homes and become homeless. Global warming is a problem that needs all countries to work together to solve it. It also needs the cooperation of the people and the government. We should reduce the amount of carbon dioxide we produce by using clean energy from the sun, wind and water. We ought to use public transport instead of private cars. People should cut down their use of air conditioning. We should find new ways of recycling instead of throwing things away.

      Could you tell me about your ideas to reduce global warming, please ?

                                      Yours sincerely,




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